(AI) Artificial Intelligence to be the 1st resident on Mars says Elon Musk

The whole discussion about an artificial intelligence to be the 1st resident on Mars started when someone tweeted to Elon Musk asking about his inner thought of the 1st resident on Mars not being a human but rather an AI to which Elon Musk just replied “30%”. Elon Musk the tech billionaire & CEO of SpaceX has already announced his ambitions to establish a base on Mars.

Many people are wondering how did Elon Musk gave the 30% figure? It might be just a hint of the amount of work successfully completed or just giving a number to fend of the question. People have started speculating on the look & feel of the AI who will be the 1st resident on Mars.

According to the Geek Reporter “It’s possible that it could be rover-like bot that explores the planet, or a stationary device that makes observations and conducts experiments without human assistance”.

At this stage the technology is not advanced enough for a manned Mars mission. The humans have not set foot on the moon for a long time as well. There is fierce competition & a race between tech companies to get man beyond the moon and into the solar system but the technology is not present at this stage to accomplish that. Keeping in mind when humans have thought about doing something they have accomplished it eventually. This dream could take decades to accomplish but tech companies are making progress towards reaching that goal.

One good news for space lovers is that NASA the US space agency has also decided to plan for human exploration of the moon this year i.e. 2018 & they will be using all the lessons & data that they acquired from its lunar experiences to prepare for the journey.

Elon Musk on the other hand has indicated to the public that there is a 70% chance for him to go to Mars even with all the dangers involved & him surviving. The main thing to see is that not many people will join as due to the danger & the cost of taking such a project. The future for space exploration is in full swing and within decades we will definitely see advancements and achievements coming for the human race.

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