Apple Television (TV) All Set to be Launched in 2019

Apple is breaking into Live Streaming Movie industry as well in 2019. Apple is all set to launch its very own Netflix-style TV service worldwide. Apple has been reported to have hired top quality professionals from around the globe who specialise in quality content gathering to break into the live streaming market. Apple has spent millions of dollars already in pursuit of its ambition to lead in live streaming service.

Apple is expected to bring the service in the fall of 2019. The service might not be in its final form but an initial version of the service to get public a taste of whats to come. Apple will be giving better support for the AR in Apple TV. Apple users will need to upgrade the processor to take benefit of the support. Apple can take the lead in live streaming if the claims that they are making has any substance to it. Apple has claimed to offer low-cost Apple Tv Stick that will replace all live streaming TV sticks or products in the market. One thing to note is that it is at the moment 2nd in position after Amazon.

Apple has become a global power and want to expand its horizon into the TV SHOW industry. Apple has a second angel to it as they want to sell other products like apps, hardware & music subscription to its customers. Apple will be offering other things within the Apple TV to increase and boosts its global sales. Apple has been acquiring and expanding into multiple technology frontiers to expand its technological horizons. Apple can bring unique and revolutionising products into the market as it owns all the technology it needs to built its products.

All we can do is wait and see what Apple brings on the table in 2019. Apple has been on the down slump for few years and is yet to bring a revolutionising technology and product to the market.

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