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Champions of PMCO Regional Finals


PMCO stands for PUBG Mobile Club Open PUBG Mobile Club Open started on 26-Aug-2021 and ends on 29-Aug-2021 with the best 16 teams of Pakistan. There are some teams with invites and some are qualified from the PMCO Semi Finals. The Prize Pool of PUBG Mobile Club Open is $29,200.
The Team who secured first position in PUBG Mobile Club rewarded with $ 3,900, and second team $2,300 and third team with rewarded with $1,900.

Names of playing team PMCO Regional Finals.

2- i8 Esport 3- UAGxTUF4- 52xRage Esport5- North Esport6- The Grounders 7- Clarity Esport[the_ad id=\’2341\’]8- UNBxNF9- Portal Esport 10- ZARAR Esport11- Team Sky 12- Team Star 13- Freestyle14- IVY Esport15- Quraysh Esport16- Modified Esport.

Champion of PMCO Regional Finals

Team Zexi8 Esport secured first position in PMCO Regional Finals 2021. As we already discussed in a previous blog Zexi8 is one of the most aggressive squad in South Asia. They secured 125 amazing kills in just 16 Matches. They have total 220 Points in 16 Matches. They won $ 3,900 as a prize pool and slot of PMPL South Asia season 4. Thye secured 3 Chicken dinners. They won with the lead of 33 Points.
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Top Fraggers of PMCO

Zexi8 Crypto Secured first position in Top fragger list with 45 kills with the damage of 7382 and estimated survival of 19 minutes and 47 seconds. Crypto is one of the finest fragger of pakistan he proved himself many times. There are Indian caster saying on stream, they are legend and best team of Pakistan and Crypto is deadly player of Pakistan. There is no doubt Crypto is one of the best in Pakistan.

Top Fragger of PMCO

VOLTRUX from Team QWERT secured second position in top fragger list, he secured 37 kills with the damage of 6368 and estimated survival 20 Mints and 25 seconds.
from Team Bablu secured third position in top fragger list, he secured 34 kills with the damage of 5864 and estimated survival 18 Minutes 13 seconds.

Pakistani Teams who were Playing PMPL

There are four teams from Pakistan who are playing in the PMPL.
1- Team i8 Esport
2- r3d Esport
3-Team Bablu
4- Team Scytes

This is first time where four teams of Pakistan playing in PMPL 

Every team from pakistan who were participating in PMPL are the best teams of pakistan and we have a hope that they will represent their Country flag in South Asia and one day they will bring the PMGC troffie in Pakistan. 

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