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Dota 2 Pub Match Commentary in Urdu & Hindi by MR CEO – 4981476992

Enjoy and laugh your way to Dota 2 Pub Match Commentary in Urdu & Hindi by none other than our own Mr. CEO. We all play Pub Matches normally while playing Dota 2 and yet do not get the recognition as International Matches in Dota 2. We bring you the inner world of Pub Matches with our 1st Dota 2 Pub Match Commentary in Urdu/Hindi.






Match ID: 4981476992

Match Date: 22-AUGUST-2019

WindRanger: Girno Giovanna
Phantom Lancer: [(iZzy
Lion: Me$$i
Phantom Assassin: infinite
Juggernaut: GOGOGO ez
Doom: 2065637247
Vengeful Sprit: Attention moveTM
Pangolier: FS
Anti Mage: Whanyen
Venomancer: Lenbeelebeen

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