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The Latest Updates, Features & Changes In PUBG Season 6

The fifth season of PUBG Mobile has come to an end and if you recently opened the game, you would notice that Royale Pass section in the game has been locked. This means that your rankings will be pushed down soon, but good thing is, season 6 soon should be rolling out.




PUBG season 6 update changes

Royale Pass







Will be available in early April . There are two plans : Prime and Prime Plus. Both plans come with free daily UC, Royale Pass points, daily 80% discount on Crates,purchasing from the shop with BP and more.Benefits from both plans are stack able.

When players don\’t win items above a certain quality many times in a row at the Shop,they will earn vouchers instead.Relevant titles and achievements relating to bad luck have been added.

Room Card: 1-Use

In Clan Shop has been adjusted to 1 buy every 10 days. Added a robot avatar to the Clan system.

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