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SMITE – Summer of SMITE 2017 (Official Trailer)

[addAdsenseInPost]   SMITE by Hi-Rez Studios presents SMITE \”SUMMER OF SMITE 2017\”. Go through the gameplay of SMITE to see what is happening in SUMMER OF 2017. Excellent gameplay and visual effects making this game worth giving time and effort too.   [addAdsenseInPost]

Cinematic Trailer \”To Hell & Back\” of Smite on Steam for PC and MAC

[addAdsenseInPost]   GameSpot presents Cinematic Trailer called \”TO HELL AND BACK\” of Steam Powered Game called \”SMITE\”. The game has potential of becoming the most played game within 2-3 years. Its gaining a lot of popularity within the gaming community due to its gameplay and visual effects.   [addAdsenseInPost]