General Differences between React Native and Flutter

React Native and Flutter

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React Native and Flutter

One of the most asked questions especially from those who are starting out in the exciting and vast field of app development is which native technology is best to develop app in. We have come up with general information so you can make up your mind and answer the age old question of which one to choose as beginner app developer. We bring you easy to understand differences between React Native and Flutter.

Let the battle begin


One must know who actually created the technology to access its financial as well as technical background.

REACT NATIVE is owned and developed by none other than Facebook. It was created by Facebook in 2015 and has grown in popularity as the years go by.

FLUTTER is owned and developed by the biggest name in tech industry and that is Google.


What programming language does each of the framework uses?

REACT NATIVE uses JavaScript which is an older language and has a massive knowledge base, experience developers already, hence the popularity of the framework.

FLUTTER uses a new language called DART which was created in house by Google and has a learning curve to it. Even with experienced developers you still need to learn the syntax and other loops of the language. It is a very easy language to learn as it extracts the best out of all the other languages.


Any language or platform grows by helping each other in community, forums, blogs and tutorials available.

REACT NATIVE being the older from flutter and using of JavaScript has a very large community and code base to help new or experienced developers. It has high probability that the problem you are facing has a solution already in the community.

FLUTTER being new with DART language has a smaller community to help you out if you run into a problem. The community is still young and growing and high chances are that the problem that you face might not have had a solution available and you have to come up with the solution yourself. You can give input to the community and be the first to do so.


The platform or framework needs time to mature and get the major bugs out while the community helps in identifying the problems.

REACT NATIVE is very mature and has evolved into a strong technology to be used for small to large complex apps. As it is based on JavaScript and programmers have already shared their knowledge in community.

FLUTTER is relatively new in comparison to react native and needs time to mature. It is still not considered desirable to be used in large complex apps as there is not enough knowledge sharing to tackle bugs that might come your way.


Most programmers would be working for a firm and look for job opportunity in the market.

REACT NATIVE being old and matured has more prospects of you landing a job with good salary package as most majority of app development firm prefer react over flutter or any other native framework.

FLUTTER being new to the app development industry has a lower employment demand in the job market than react. Although it is gaining popularity but in comparison there will be lesser opportunity in the market for those seeking professional career as a flutter developer.
At the end you need to decide what you are passionate about and what job market or scope of framework is feasible in your residing country. As of January 2021 it is clear that React Native is the way to go.

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