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Korean site The Investor, which does not have an established track record for accuracy, has suggested Apple is considering offering an Apple Pencil-style stylus alongside the 2019 iPhone models.

It\’s not clear if this is accurate, but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who is reliable, has said that Apple Pencil support is a possibility for a future iPhone.


In May, it was reported that the flagship 2019 iPhone was set to include three camera lenses. Taiwanese publication Economic News Daily claimed each of the three cameras could boast 12 megapixels  which could mean additional camera features such as increased detail or greater zoom mode.

Economic Daily News also reports the upcoming phones will feature more advanced technology on the rear cameras that what’s currently being used on the TrueDepth front-facing cameras.

The new lenses will use stereoscopic imaging to capture objects and scenes from multiple angles, and triangulate multiple perspectives into 3D images.

This seems to be very similar to an earlier rumor from Deutsche Securities analyst Lu Jialin, who believes Apple will incorporate two stereo-vision lenses and a telephoto lens into its three-lens camera. That way, the cameras will be able to understand 3D space in a manner similar to the iPhone X’s True Depth front camera  which in turn means there could also be new augmented reality features as well.

It’s clear Apple is continuing to work on its ARKit, having introduced ARKit 2.0 as part of iOS 12 at this year’s Worldwide Developer Conference. The new version delivers improved face tracking, support for 3D object detection and realistic rendering. Users can also play AR games against other users in the same virtual environment with multi-user augmented reality. With a three-lens camera, it will be interesting to see what features Apple will release for future versions of ARKit.


Apple\’s next iPhone will reportedly be its thinnest yet, thanks to a new OLED panel with touch sensitivity baked inside. That will eliminate the need for a touch-sensitive layer on top of the display.


A report in The Information says that Apple may be making its own modem to better compete with Qualcomm, replacing Intel on its handsets. However, this modem likely won\’t hit handsets until 2020 at the earliest.


  • Three sizes expected
  • 3D Touch could be ditched

Some rumours claim Apple will opt for an all OLED line up for its 2019 iPhones. ET News claims a couple of Apple officials have said the company will adopt the technology in all three models and the site also reported the panels will integrate the touch aspect into the display rather than have it separate. Samsung Display is reported to be making the panels, allowing for slimmer iPhones. There have also been reports of two OLED models and one LCD model again though.

It\’s not yet clear if the three models will offer the same size screens as the current models but we suspect the 2019 models won\’t differ too much. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple will continue to offer a 5.8-inch OLED model, 6.1-inch LCD model and a larger 6.5-inch OLED model.

MacRumors reported that a Barclays analyst has claimed that all models will ditch 3D Touch however, like the iPhone XR did in 2018.

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