GXR Lan Event (ISL)

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Esports in Pakistan

In Pakistan Esports is progressing day by day there are many opportunities in Pakistan nowadays we have seen a lan event in Multan Pakistan, the organizer of this event is B4 Officials and And Smokey Esports as Its Partner. The Winner of this event is underdog team Named P3 Esport, they played 11 Matches out of 12 and they secured 3 WWCD (Winner Winner Chicken Dinner) 91 Placement Points and 88 elimination points and with the total points of 179 they secured first position.

GXR (Galaxy Racers) LAN Event in Islamabad.

Gamers Galaxy, Pakistan’s Biggest Esports Event With A Prize Pool Of 2 Crores PKR, To Be Held In Islamabad. Galaxy racers finals are set to happen 8th and 9th of January at the Pakistan China Friendship centre in Islamabad.

Fakhr-E-Alam, CEO of Galaxy Racers Pakistan Said: “Pakistan has one of the largest young populations in the world, and we want to give opportunities to participate and compete globally. Our youth deserve the best esports experiences and through Galaxy Racer Pakistan and our flagship event Gamers Galaxy, we will provide the youth the right platform to compete and succeed on a global level.”

Team Name those Qualified for Finals


Team Bablu BY7Just VictoryTeam TCATeam F1Team 4RMF4 EsportsSP EsportsTeam I8
4 Thieves TUFFreestyle XFyme EsportsTeam StarNorth EsportsR3G

Team I8

Team I8 is one of the most dominant teams in South Asia; they represent the Pakistan Esport Community at National level and International level as well. They performed very well in PMPL South Asia and PMPL Mena unfortunately they did not qualify for PMGC (PUBG Mobile Global Champion). Team i8 Recently got sponsorship from Salt Esports

Players Name of i8 Esports

i8 Crypto (Haseeb)
i8 UZM
i8 Blade (Abirr)
i8 Reveuse
I8 Ghost (Adil)
I8 Trynda (Shahbaz Mengal) He is the Leader of Team i8 and founder of Pro Scrims.

I8 Crypto

Crypto is one of the finest player in Competitive player in South Asia Region recently he aced NOVA XQF. This team is one of the most famous and dominating teams in the Global level and they are from China as everyone Chinese players have another level of IQ and Gameplay in PUBG Mobile. NOVA XQF is the champion of PMGC Season Zero.
If you want to see the Aced on Nova you can see below. Recently top 2021 fragger list has been updated and our boy Crypto secured 5th position with 559 Kills in all official tournaments


I8 Uzm is the one of the most experienced IGL who guides his team and tells them how to play. Performance of every team depends on his IGL and his calls. If any team has the best and most experienced IGL (In GAME Leader ) then you can achieve many achievements in Game.

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