Latest WhatsApp Feature Update with Audio Sharing & Preview

WhatsApp is giving its users a brand new feature in 2019 related to audio files. Now the users will be able to send up to 30 audio files to anyone just like the images. WhatsApp which is now owned and operated by Facebook is an instant messaging app which brings out updates for its users now regularly.

This specific feature has been seen in the Beta version of WhatsApp Android App version 2.19.1 as per WABetaInfo. Many of you would be asking yourself what is WABetaInfo? This is a website that tracks all the new features or updates that are rolled out of WhatsApp. The users will be able to preview audio just like we preview images before sending them which is a great feature for the app. The maximum limit set by WhatsApp is 30 audio files per message same as the limit on images. If you want to test the feature you will need to be registered as a Beta tester for the WhatsApp application but only on Android at the moment. This feature has not been rolled out and is not available for general public usage. At this stage there has been no information regarding its release in Beta even on IOS but as the feature will be fully tested & finalised by WhatsApp it will surely be launched in IOS as well. WhatsApp need to roll out the Beta version on IOS as soon as possible so the users can take benefit from it.

We need to keep in mind that WhatsApp has been bringing new features into the app from time to time like private reply feature and Picture in Picture also known as PiP feature that was rolled out to the general public. We can only hope that this feature can be rolled out before the 1st quarter of 2019.

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