PMCO Pakistan Regional Final Day 1 Overall Ranking

PMCO stands for PUBG Mobile Club Open started on 26-Aug-2021 with the best 16 teams of Pakistan. There are some teams with invites and some are qualified from the PMCO Semi Finals. The Prize Pool of PUBG Mobile Club Open is $29,200.
The Team who secured first position in PUBG Mobile Club rewarded with $ 3,900, and second team $2,300 and third team with rewarded with $1,900.

Names of playing team PMCO Regional Finals.

2-i8 Esport
4-52xRage Esport
5-North Esport
6-The Grounders
7-Clarity Esport
9-Portal Esport
10-ZARAR Esport
11-Team Sky
12-Team Star
14-IVY Esport
15-Quraysh Esport
16-Modified Esport.

PMCO Regional Finals Day 1 Match 1 Result and Summary

Team NFPxSky Sport secured their first chicken dinner in PMCO Regional final Day 1 with 11 Amazing kills with the damage of 1567, and Total points 26.

MVP of the Match.

NFPxSky HElSI is the MVP of the first Match with 6 solo kills with the damage of 695 and with survival time of 28:20 Sec.

Match Summary

NFPxSKY Helsi secured MVP Position. pes MOMTU Secured Longest Distance kill with the distance of 325 MTRs. Fs Tyrant Secured Highest damage of the Match with the damage of 699. NFPxSKY Helsi Most Utilities used Play in the Match and QWERTY Rehman secured Maximum assist.

PMCO Regional Finals Day 1 Match 2 Result and Summary.

Team i8 Esport Secured First position in Second Match with 22 amazing kills with the damage of 3140 and total points 37. They top the table within 2 Matches of the first day but up and down is the part of the team.

MVP Of the Match

I8 Reveuse MVP of the second Match with 8 Kills with the damage of 1039 and almost 25 minutes survival and 4 Assist with just 175 healing Done

Match Summary

I8 Reveuse secord 8 solo kills for his team and i8 dominated the entire match. TG SENSEII secured the longest distance kill with a distance of 235 MTR. nes GHOSTA become a most Utilities used player he used 17 Utilities in Single Match. And i8 UZM is the maximum Assist Player.

PMCO Regional Finals Day 1 Match 3 Result and Summar

Team UNB No Fear secured Chicken Dinner in 3rd Match of Regional Final Day 1 with 12 Kills with the Damage of 1287 and they Secured Total 27 points in Single Match.

MVP Of the Match

UNBmaxNFI is the MVP of third Match. He secured 5 kills with the damage of 695. Survical time 22:29 with 1 assist.

Summary Of the Match

UNBmaxNFI Secured highest Kills. ZARAR SIRUS secured the longest distance kills with a distance of 311 MTR. CLxBabluWolf Become a highest damage player with damage of 712 and FS Malik Most Utilities player of the Match, he used 11 Utilities in singles Match

PMCO Regional Finals Day 1 Match 4 Result and Summary

Team Grounders (TG) secured Chicken Dinner in 4th Match with 7 Kills with the damage of 1651. Total points 22.

MVP of the Match

The MVP of the Last Match is CLxBablu420boy. He secured 6 Kills with the damage of 1162 with just total 75 healing done.

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