PUBG Mobile Settings to Minimize Your Lag and Become a Pro

Everybody has different devices so this article hopefully will help you regardless which device you have. We are doing this for IOS and Android, so stay tuned if you play on either type of device. You should change the in-game settings to maximize the game performance.

Basic Settings

Crosshair Color, Aim Assist, Healing Prompt and Blocked by Wall don’t really matters, However, when you start to look at Gyroscope button that’s where things will vary between players. The Gyroscope basically allows your device to aim just by physically moving, it’s kind of like as if you use your phone as a steering wheel for racing games like asphalt 8, this does take some processing power for some people though so you may want to turn that off aside from that though in basic settings nothing nothing else really causes any lag.

Graphics Settings

Graphics this is where things get serious, depending on the device that you have you lie to choose Smooth, Balanced, HD or Ultra HD. Currently, Ultra HD isn’t in the game but when it does come only best devices will able to run it, e.g Iphone X.
What you should do is first equip the highest settings possible and jump into the game and start doing regular in-game activities, shoot a big gun like M249 or a Sniper with 8x scope and see when you are shooting or scoping you notice any bit of lag. In that case lower your Graphics settings by one and repeat the process until you experience no lag.
In styles section if you don’t have a super powerful phone you will keep it to No style rather than Realistic or Colorful, this will lesser the amount of lag.
Frame Rates is another big component to your gameplay experience, if you have High-end device than keep it at High otherwise its also depends upon your device.

Controls and Sensitivity

Choose first option for game control and also choose first option for vehicle control.
Sensitivity probably one the most important settings you must optimize for your device, as it allows you to control your character best. Sensitivity settings is also different for different devices. You may have a small screen Android device from 2015 or a huge Ipad Pro, you have to be able to optimize your sensitivity for your device. You may need to do experimenting with the sensitivity in order to make the game perfect for your device.

Pick-Up and Audio Settings

There’s really not a whole lot here you can change and maybe if you’re still encountering some lag, you can disable auto pick-up. Because any bit of automation in the game is bound to bring a bit of lag. For audio setting, don’t really worry about it put it to whatever setting you once but you may want to mute yourself and your teammates, if you notice a lot of lag in squad or duo. Believe me there’s a lot of lag when Mics are on. Mostly it depends on the server which server are you playing on, you may not be playing on the best server possible.

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    February 10, 2020

    Finally: how long does a PUBG Mobile game last? About 30 minutes is a safe guess if you're playing on classic mode.


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