Latest Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus Initial Review

Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus Review


SAMSUNG has held no punches at the start of 2020 by introducing the new Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 ULTRA to its arsenal of smart phones. This lineup can easily be considered as a replacement for the GALAXY S10 and S10+ line of Samsung. The new decade has been embraced by SAMSUNG with improvements on all fronts with its smart phones with S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra. The biggest improvement by SAMSUNG since the past decade is upgrading and improving every aspect of the phone with its latest releases. The main areas of the phone which SAMSUNG have improved the most are Cameras, Battery, Screen and Touch Sensitivity.




SAMSUNG will successfully start a trend with all FLAGSHIP phones by all manufacturers to have specs like these in their phones. This is going to be the benchmark for all the flagship phones coming in 2020. SAMSUNG has kept a very sensitive balance to match its smart phones super refresh rate by improving the touch sensitivity of the phone as well. SAMSUNG has doubled the touch sensitivity of its Samsung S20 series mobile phone from 120 sample rate to 240 sample rate which would result in response to touch input being doubled and system being more responsive. You will feel the change straight away especially while gaming, opening apps and scrolling on the phone. It will feel more fluid, quicker and smoother. SAMSUNG has achieved this treat by adding icing on the cake i.e. improving and shortening the animation of swiping and scrolling making it snappy. Unlock the potential of your mobile app concept with our expert app development services – get started now!


One thing to note here is that any S20 that will be set to 120HZ will be limited to be 2400 x 1080p and not for the resolution of 1440p. On the other hand if your setting is at 60hz then you will have 3200 x 1440p resolution. All the Samsung S20 default are set to be 60HZ. We cannot be sure why this is the case as SAMSUNG has not given a response to this or explained the reason but one can imagine it might be done to improve the reliability, battery life and processing speed of the phone.


The most noticeable physical change in the phone is the center hole punch which used to be on the side. This is a great change as when you hold the phone normally the camera hole is blocked by your fingers, being in the middle nothing will be blocking the camera. One more interesting thing to notice is that Samsung was the one actually pushing for more curved screen rather than the flat design but in 2020 with their latest phones coming through like Samsung S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra they are going for a very flat design which is good and more practical to use but they are moving away from their initial thrust in the last decade for having a curved sign mobile phone.


This is just a simple interesting fact that I noticed in these new mobile phones. Samsung is still giving it\’s ultrasonic fingerprint display under the screen as in the previous model so that\’s very good to see.


Mobile phone levers is that Samsung has actually improved the battery time for both phones as Samsung S20 and Samsung S20 plus with the basic model of S20 providing 4000mAh and the S20 plus providing 4500mAh battery size now this will actually result in more usability of the phone and the critics of the smartphone that actually say that you need to charge the phone to every single day will have to wait and watch how this performs practically.


The increase in battery size actually has increased the physical size of the phone as it\’s not razor thin we are used to with the S 10 and it\’s 10 plus mobile phone. Speaking of batteries, you will be getting wireless charging ang 25watts fast charging in the box.





6.2” 120Hz QHD and OLED

Snapdragon 865


128GB plus microSD card


12 + 64 + 12 MP cameras

10MP selfie camera

IP68 certified

5G capable (sub six 5G)


6.7” 120Hz QHD and OLED

Snapdragon 865


128GB / 512GB plus microSD card


12 + 64 + 12 MP + depth cameras

10MP selfie camera

IP68 certified

5G capable (sub six 5G)


The above specs are brilliant and mouth watering but are dwarfed by the specs of Samsung S20 ULTRA.


The S20 and S20 plus are not hardcore 5G phones as they will perform 20% – 30% faster then 4G on an ideal day of usage. The most attractive part of the SAMSUNG S series would be CAMERAS. Even when the phone will come to usage you will see mostly people talking about the camera quality, picture quality video results etc. The zoom function on the camera will give you a preview section as well showing where you are zooming in to. The sensor size has been increased to take night images with better quality and results.

  12 MP MAIN Ultra Wide: F/1.8, 1/1.176”
  64 MP Telephoto Camera : F/2.0, 1/1.172”
  12 MP WIDE: F/2.2, ½.55”

The camera zoom has a 3 X software multiplier which is very handy for photographers out there giving you 30x hybrid zoom. All the phones S20, S20 Plus and S20 Ultra are capable of 8K 24fps videos. One thing to note is that the 8K video setting will use the 64MP telephoto camera which will drop the quality of the video a bit and SAMSUNG tracking auto focus and video effects will be disabled. They have added stabilizers for video so you get a steady video while taking any shot. SAMSUNG has improved the time-lapse video feature in it as well.

All the SAMSUNG S series mobile phones have SPOTIFY APP built into the system. HD Google Duo Video Chat is built into the dialer. One of the most interesting AI image features in SAMSUNG is “SINGLE TAKE” which is that you click the shutter button and aim at the subject you want to take a picture of and the phone automatically picks the best time to take a picture. Ready to turn your app idea into reality? Explore our mobile app development services and start your project today!

The only downside at the moment we can think of about the phone is the PRICE.

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