Emerging Technologies in 2019

The importance of technology in our daily lives is undeniable. This is due to the fact that in today’s dynamic world, life without technology is meaningless. Technology, which basically refers to bringing together tools that ease creation, use and exchange of information, has a major goal of making tasks easier to execute as well as solving many mankind’s problems. As technology continues to advance and direct even more easiness in our lives, there is a need to stress how advantageous it has been to our lives. One of the areas that technology has been of great use is the health industry. Modern electronic equipments have been discovered which have improved the quality of treatment people receive at the health institutions as well as increasing their survival chances from various ailments.
Another notable benefit of technology is that it have enabled doctors to discover most health problems while they are still in the developing stages, and have treated them before they can develop into severe stages.

Communication across the globe is now easy. This is due to the invention and use of internet which have reduced the world into a global village. People hailing from different geographical regions can virtually communicate through video calls, e-mails as well as many social media platforms available. Business owners have realized the power of using internet to achieve more customers for their products easily by creating business websites where customers click on the items to buy them at the comfort of their homes.
Another importance of technology in our daily lives is that it has eliminated the bulkiness associated with paperwork. With technology, information can now be stored virtually in various storage devices such as compact disks and microchips. More so, the information stored in these technological devices is secured with passwords and codes which are only known by the proprietors of the information, making it a better way of storing confidential information.

Technology Has Changed How We Pay Bills

And Transfer Money:

No more do you have to enter a bank to withdraw money or transfer it to someone. Many banks are already making registration possible online and accessible to people. Companies like PayPal have created a platform where people can send and receive money from any location using the Internet.
Paying bills has also been simplified thanks to technology. You don’t have to carry cash with you when going shopping. With your cell phone and a banking app, you can do all the necessary bill payments online.

Examples Of Technology In Business:

  • Car manufacturing has increasingly utilized more robotics in the creation of the car frame and its parts. this has resulted in greater speed and build quality.
  • Many retail stores and empires no longer track inventory manually. Through the use of Information systems, they are able to accurately track current inventory and needed inventory. Saving time and money. Additionally, some systems are able to communicate with suppliers to let them know when to deliver more goods, this results in always stocked shelves
  • Most businesses today make use of biometric or RFID time attendance systems to accurately monitor worker arrival and departure times.

The Importance of technology in healthcare:

Technological changes in the healthcare market will allow more customers to bid farewell to some of the most annoying parts of a distressed health care system. Waiting hours together to see the physician, carrying hand-written medicines to the pharmacy during sick, pursuing medical records, and being absent in the dark regarding what healthcare will cost are all problems that a customer faces in his daily sick life. Here comes the importance of technology in healthcare that makes some developments, which will make health care superior for customers, a sample of such technology is the development of hair loss medications and procedures (like using hair loss shampoos like nioxin which have good percentage of success,l although some of them have side effects (Rogaine, Minoxidil).
Mobile health is a promising, exploding class that allows customers to track their activity and other measurements that assist perk up wellness and deal with chronic infections. This wellness technology is as well, turning out to be embedded in homes, where mirrors reproduce the health statistics of occupants. This had even led to the development of special and safe for common cold; which was never
done before.
While more technology goes home with sick people, more can correspond with health suppliers remotely. Distant access also enables more patients to get the required care where and when it is convenient for them. Programs, such as Apple’s FaceTime and Microsoft’s Skype allow patients to have practical doctor’s visits from their home.

Your Fridge Needs a Facebook Account:

That\’s right. Your fridge needs a Facebook account…or at least the login for it. LG has come out with a fridge with WiFi capabilities so it can e-mail you when your shopping time comes around with what all groceries you need to buy. With WiFi access and an Operating System (OS), anything is possible. You can actually program your fridge to automatically order your groceries from an online delivery service weekly! Crazy, right? This is just one of the amazing technologies.

Sociological Impacts:

Okay, now let\’s get deep and start with a simple poll: How many of your friends do you text daily? Okay, now keeping that in mind answer this: Do you have more conversations through technology, than you do in person? It seems that more and more people are moving away from face-to-face interactions, but instead moving towards a more technology-driven way of life. Myself included, society almost needs to use technology to communicate. Without it, we would be completely lost with minimal communication. Of course, this is society as a whole…majority rules.
Looking at the current generations (particularly 25 and under), and the upcoming generations we can see so clearly that society is not going to stop moving away from this idea of using technology as our primary communication methods. There are so many 12 year old children with iPhones, iPads, and laptops. This isn\’t surprising news, I know. However, is an 11 year old surprising? How about 10? 9? 8? 7? 6? How young do they go?
This is not to say that technology is ruining society because that\’s so far from true; however, it is dumbing our society down. We\’re removing the necessity of skills such as face-to-face communications, doing basic math without the help of a calculator, and writing in proper English. Texting alone has made a huge impact on the grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills of people of all ages, including those over 25. Teachers see it, professors see it, and employers are seeing it now too. These technologies at our disposal are here to make our lives easier, and teach us things we didn\’t already know, or forgot. Instead of using them to teach us, we use them to correct us, move on, and forget. If spell check says you spelled a word wrong, make note of it, correct it, move on, and remember!

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