What Should be an Ideal Length of an Article for a Blog?


Content digital marketing

Content digital marketing is describing the expressions in words that help to engage the audience. Do you know that article length changes with the passage of time? Each year SEO strategies have changed to rank the website in less time. Let’s take a look and read the details below:

Trend analysis onto length of an article

Year 2012-2014

Experts were suggesting that 500-700 words sophisticatedly enough for content digital marketing in 2012. Over the period, this suggestion has been changed to write longer than before. People want more research-oriented articles based on accurate facts & figures. They want correct information no matter how long the content reaches the limit.

Year 2015-2016

Now the strategy has been changed totally, and now the experts said it must be 7 minutes to read an article. 7 minutes is equal to 1700 words that was the correct spotted ideal length to predict for better content marketing.

Google changes its algorithm almost 700 times a year, without any notifications. As long you are providing well research article, you are rewarding with massive traffic from valuable sources. The ideal length for blogpost in 2016, is > 2500 words approx.

Role of content length

Size does not matter, but the quality matters a lot. Length is the secondary part as compared to the quality of the post. Second, comes the structure of the article and then content readability.

In other words, put the catchy material to fill the content rather than focusing just on the number of words.

Quality includes:


It would be better if you add 1500 words on a daily basis and 2500 occasionally posts, the results would be pretty impressive.

Shall we tell you more precisely & simple?

Recently I have asked the audience on twitter about what their capacity of reading, check the answers and you will be able to look into the matter.

I have recorded their expressions and sharing with you. As a reader, I do not like to read content over 1500 words. So choose what your reader wants, not for only ranking purposes.

Content digital marketing for business

The company operates in detail version of explanations for spreading the product over time. Business growth depends upon the content digital marketing. The ideal words are 1500 words if you want to do content marketing for business. As a reader, I don’t want long stories to read because it’s too hectic!

Best article length for SEO

The ideal article length must be between 1500 to 2500 for ranking, but for users, only 50% is valuable and worthy. Low quality and thin content would be ignoring by the Google in 2017. As you can see in the image below:

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