8 Common Phishing Attacks that can Harm Your Personal Information


Phishing attacks are used to hack your systems and websites. It can be same like hacking your personal data and using it to hack the system. Some phishing attacks focuses on the hacking of finance and account sectors of the biggest organizations and some for social networks. The attacker forces a person to fill their details in and press the submission button.


It uses the personal details and force you to get enter your personal information directly to the forms sent by email


It is the process that targets the highest-level company executives especially who handle finance and data decisions. Phishers are always ready to target the victim with new ideas so don’t ever get attacked by the phisher man


It does the same as harpooning on a less sophisticated level. It targets anyone in the organization or database with just enough personal information and force the reader to open the email and send the information

Fake phishers 

It indulge in sending you email by the famous companies by PayPal, Moneybookers, banks etc. to make your fool. These tends to be legitimate but not legal


It is a malicious technology scheme to convert the alphabetical Domain Name System (DNS) of websites into a numerical IP address which then redirects browsing users to a malicious location even if the victim entered the correct website search.

Mimic phishing 

It imitates trusted sites like Dropbox, GoogleDocs or Outlook. Messages offer absolute duplicates of the sign-in screens for such sites and lure victims to enter their personal sign-in username and password.


These schemes promise delivery of a big payoff if the victim makes an advance payment or fee to secure the grant.


Scams and tax frauds announce a problem with banking or tax records and demands personal information to correct the problem.

Some job offering emails are also collecting your personal information and attacking on you using the phishing technique. Some vacations, stocks and exchange websites are also involved in getting personal information of yours. These attacks are include with the attachments that containing the viruses and malware. So be aware on how to protect from these kind of attacks and stop becoming the victim of these kinds of platforms.

How to Protect Against Phishing Attacks

The best way to protect against phishing attack is do not respond to what does not belong to you.  The installation of security modules and hardware is also important to avoid being attacked by the phishing

These information is important and must share with as many people as you can.

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