Counter Strike 1.6 – A Personal Review

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Counter Strike, The most popular first person shootout game in the world. It could easily be said that over 2 million people are actually playing this game at this very moment while you are reading this post. The game actually evolves from the old game known as quack which was low on graphics but was one of the most addictive games of its time. The game has had many improvements to it since then, in the beginning counter strike was not known to many and it was not till counter strike 1.5 that people actually got really into this game. The next version which was the condition zero was even a better version of the previous 1.5 but then 1.6 really changed the things around and it set the standards to playing counter strike in the big leagues. The next version which was the counter strike source had a completely new engine to it and so many liked it but most didn’t, actually it more about what a player prefers I can play counter strike 1.6 but if someone asks me to play source I still would play because they equally are fun to play but again its preference based. The next revolution I may say in counter strike is the counter strike global offence which has both a touch of 1.6 and source. So counter strike global offence is the new thing in the counter strike world and it has been said to be the standard game used worldwide for the big leagues such as WCG.

So, What exactly is the game about well its really easy to understand there are two teams, one being the good team (Counter Terrorists) and one being the bad team (Terrorists). The object of the Counter Terrorists could be to disarm a bomb save the hostages or keep a VIP safe, this varies according to the map, but in most cases it’s very likely that the Counter terrorists would have to defuse a bomb. As for the Terrorist I think it is really clear these guys have to plant the bomb, kill the VIP, or stay on guard for the hostages but most likely these bad boys would have to plant the bomb and try to kill all of the counter terrorists or blast the bomb.

counter strike 1.6

The game play of counter strike is very unique and looks really good this first person shootout game gets a person so involved that people literally get glued to their screens. All the guns have a unique sound and a unique style of firing. Apart from the guns to make the game more interesting there are a lot of other equipments that a person can use to his advantage in a game such as the he-grenade, smoke grenade, flash grenade. The he grenade can be used as a hand grenade and is very effective if used right can kill the whole team. The smoke grenade is usually used when there is a sniper up ahead so that he has difficulty aiming and last but not the least the flash grenade can be used in a very effective way as it blinds the person it’s thrown at.

Counter strike is more than just a game as it even helps you to buildup communication skills. When playing in a team it is very likely that there would be a plan which needs to be executed in each round, called out by the leader, so it really helps in develop skills such as listening and obeying, working in a team, helping those in trouble and always going for the win.

Although counter strike has evolved very much from its previous versions and has improved over the ages but no matter which version people play they never get disappointed. In today’s world it is said that if you really want to develop a first person shootout game it should at least meet the standards of counter strike.

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