Five Digital Marketing Trends in 2017 for all Startups

Digital Marketing Trends

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Digital Marketing Trends


Trends are constantly evolving in the world of digital marketing. Some marketers opt to adapt their digital marketing strategies from the outset, while others make adjustments towards the end. We take great pleasure in offering you the latest “digital marketing trends” to implement in 2017. In addition to these core “digital marketing trends,” we have shared some additional bonus “digital marketing trends” below for our valuable users:

Things are going to work very precisely using these digital marketing trends. These techniques are available at very cheap prices.

Digital Marketing via videos

The great idea is to concentrate on marketing via video content and implementation of the data. The rise of mobile phone has increased the videos usage and made it possible to market for the business. More information can be send and save in the form of videos and reach too many people in seconds. Only videos has the capability to rank instantly.

Digital Marketing Millennials

Millennials would like to spend much money on experienced based people rather than just on tools and technology. It is very simple way to know what is better for the benefit of the company. Find experienced based people and perform experience based marketing of the dataset.

Thought provoking thinking marketing

Market is the result of short term campaigns and need to very logical and specific to the marketing domain. Short term campaigns leads to long term outcomes and benefits. Any startup must think to build how well can be perform in the future.


Personalization is the very important step that must be evaluate and leads to enhancement of loyalty of the customers. It is the source to enhance the experience of the customers. You must think about the future and then measure the results.

Engagement not content sharing blast

People must think of how to engage the customer in the exploration of the product. It’s not only to share the content to the people. social media marketing is about to engage customers not to only sell products to customers. People like it very much to ask question and reply soon so be ready about what is going to be ask by the customer.

Consume time in make personal brand

This would be a real benefit to spend most of the time is making personal brand rather than sharing of others. It is not so much difficult, just you have to be making linked-in account and sharing posts with pictures and descriptions.

Ads & live streaming

Live streaming is now becoming important factor and ads can be initiate in order to get good result for the engagement of the customer. Campaign is really important as discussed in the start, but live streaming is more important to gain trust of the customers.

Make dedicated apps of the business

You must have built user friendly brand application for the system. It is really very important to provide access to customers with ease.

High quality content Marketing

The foremost factor is to provide high quality content to the people. The content must be unique and not saved or indexed on the Google. High quality content is rather sufficient for the sharing of information to the customers.




In 2017, startups witnessed a dynamic shift in digital marketing trends, with “digital marketing trends” presenting both opportunities and challenges. Video marketing gained prominence as a powerful tool for engaging audiences, while influencer marketing allowed startups to tap into niche communities. Mobile optimization became imperative to cater to the growing mobile user base, and content marketing remained a linchpin for building brand credibility and user trust. Additionally, artificial intelligence (AI) began to shape customer interactions, with chatbots and personalized experiences becoming the norm. These “digital marketing trends” highlighted the ever-evolving nature of the industry, emphasizing the need for startups to stay agile, adaptable, and ahead of the curve in the ever-changing online landscape.

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