Effective Blog Post: Strategy behind Planning and Execution

effective blog post

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Today you will going to learn the profitable steps for the effective blog post. You will let to know about the subscribers, advertisers and merchandisers about the effective blog post. In this excerpt, author is going to reveal the steps which you can adopt to maintain a successful and effective blog post.

Basic strategies behind every successful blog post:


Understand the audience for the effective blog post


The very first step to build a dedicated audience for the blog and clearly define the users. In next phase, start to produce useful and unique content for the betterment for the blog. content marketing is really very important and keen to make new content very efficiently. You also have to understand niche of the blog before moving on and then publish content according to that niche. For example, if you have a technology blog then go for publishing about IT content.

How can you target audience using multiple criteria’s?

  • Education of the people
  • Country
  • Gender
  • Age
  • What are the income level
  • Is she/he married or not
  • What is the hobby?
  • Liking & disliking
  • Membership interest
  • What is the occupation
  • Interest

Without spending much on advertising, it is really important to target audience using your own marketing strategies. Search engine optimization is the real source of getting traffic without spending or using the advertising.


Put viral topic of the content


The content of the topic must be very choosy and viral to the people. Double meaning topics are really useful for this purpose. Timely research and development is also useful to make the content viral for the blog entries.


Email marketing


Email marketing is another source for grabbing traffic for the customers. How can you do that? Instead of providing content on the website, force people to come via email address. You have to build email list and provide email marketing services to the audience. Email marketing services allows people to communicate via the email and come over the blog.


  • First step is to building list for marketing of the targeted audience
  • You can get emails by searching Google and different business directories
  • Now when you built the list, go for emailing them

Email list for marketing enhances the chances for sending emails to people on daily basis. When you are done with the list, now keep it updating routinely basis and send emails on regularly basis.


Make blog interactive for sharing


Pinterest is better example for this purposes. Blog must be interactive to the user and content must be easily shareable. Make sure to provide a Share button in order to allow sharing of the posts.


Make blog designing professional


The theme and development of the blog must be professional. There is much difference between the personal blog and professional blog. Now think what important tasks are for making a professional blogs.

  • Buy a unique theme
  • Choose better development platform
  • Add custom based plugins
  • Secure with SSL
  • Register the company for social media marketing or digital marketing
  • Remove the bugs from the website
  • Perform Quality assurance of the website




In conclusion, the strategy behind planning and executing an effective blog post is a multifaceted process that requires careful research, audience understanding, engaging content creation, and thoughtful optimization. By following these strategic steps, you can create blog posts that not only captivate your audience but also drive traffic, foster engagement, and achieve your content marketing goals. Remember, continuous improvement and adaptation to evolving trends are key to maintaining a successful and impactful blogging strategy. Embracing creativity and delivering value to your readers are essential elements of a winning blog post strategy. Incorporate your brand’s unique voice and perspective to make your blog posts truly stand out and leave a lasting impact on your audience.

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