Free 2D Character for Personal or Commercial Use as an Office Guy

2D Character

Get free 2d character designed by Ali Rathore at TechWrath. The concept for the character is either an Office Guy who is worried or a worried DAD working in office or coming back from office. You can use the character for PERSONAL or Commercial use with attribution to TechWrath. Please do note you are not allowed to show this as your original work or sell it or make changes to the character to sell it under your name or any other name.

You can download the Project File, Sprite, Full Image or each part separate from the following

The zip file contains the Project File made in Adobe Illustrator, Sprite PNG, and full character PNG. The name of the character by TechWrath is BOB the worried dad. You can work with the character and attribute TechWrath with our website URL. Please do comment below for any questions, suggestion or comments.