Tips to Get in Contract with the Credible Software Developer

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Open Source

The best way to find incredible software developers is to look at their open source history. You can find mine on

Importance of open source developer profile, Open source profiles give us the knowledge about how much passionate developers are. That shows ones you want on your team or not. They often write stronger code and leverage open source projects in delivering superior code. This means they can get more done in a shorter amount of time, often with higher quality.

Formal Talk

Take the developer out for a lunch or any other where they can talk easily and try to get to know them. Ask them about their life and their professional experiences.

With this way you can insight into how a developer will act on your team. Developers don’t work in isolation. They need to work with product folks, marketing, and business teams. They need to constantly be communicating with different people or teams. If you have a good conversation with the developer, then there is a good chance that they will work well with all of your startup team members.

Background of a Developer

Ask them about their schooling, from where they complete their schooling. Have they taken proper coding classes from any authorized code academy or school? Did they have any previous experience with big companies?

You need to understand the developers on how they can execute on software projects.

Good schooling shows that they can withstand the rigors of intense curriculum\’s. Online code schools or academy shows that they have good software knowledge. Previous company’s experiences show that how large-scale software projects they can work on.

Key thing is to note that if too many coding languages listed on their resume, No one can be proficient in so many coding languages. Look for focus and specialization to show they can go deep on languages that your start-up uses the most.

Code Challenge or Whiteboard Session

This last tip is one of my favorites. This tip will show you how a software developer thinks

There are 2 ways of this tip.

Way 1: Email the developer a coding challenge. Tell them a specific type of language to use and any software constraints (e.g., type of open source projects allowed or not allowed). Also tell them if you want to see executable code or pseudo-code (useful to limit the amount of time a candidate spends solving the problem).

Here’s an example:

Write a web proxy in [Ruby / PHP / Python / Java] that caches HTTP requests. You should be able to open Chrome and set the proxy settings to use a computer running your code on a port that you define. In addition, after visiting a website, your proxy should cache the information from that website into a non-persistent cache. The total cache size should be 5 MB. If a new request is made that will exceed the cache limit you will need to override the cache. You may implement any strategy for cache overriding, but be prepared to justify your decision. You are only required to service GET requests. Do not worry about persistent HTTP connections. Your solution should be able to handle multiple requests,

When reviewing the coding challenge, you’ll gain huge insight into how this developer thinks. What libraries or open source projects do they use (resourcefulness)? Do they have nicely formatted code and comments (thoroughness)? How long did it take them to solve the problem (readiness)?

Way 2: Bring in your developer for a whiteboard session. Give them a problem to solve on the whiteboard, one your start-up is currently facing or one you have already solved. This will give your insight into how this developer would work on your team. It will also shed light on their ability to solve developer problems.

Note: With these tips you can easily find a good software developer.

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