What is Discord Server

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Discord server is a free voice, video, and text chat app that’s used by 15 Million Users. Where people enjoy calling, texting, video calling, and using stickers, here you can create your own stickers by spending some money.

How Gamers are Utilizing Discord

Most of the gamers who are playing Esports have been using Discord for their start , it will help you to make community and use over the other apps, you can communicate with your community While you’re playing games and doing podcasts etc. its a place where you can spend your time with other peoples where you can share your interest and ask for them what there interest and hobbies, Conversations on Discord are driven by shared interests.

Discord Servers

Discord is divided into Servers you can’t join any servers which you want, some servers are private and some are public for the audience. You can create your own server for your gaming , music , study, and for Entertainment purposes.

Category of Discord Channels

Text Channel

You can create different channels in a single Discord server, In text channel users can post messages and sticker images and share files for others to see at any time.

Voice Channel

In Voice channel users can do audio call, video call, Screen sharing in real time.

PUBG Mobile and use of Discord

Everyone know who are the of PUBG Mobile how many glitches are in PUBG Mobile, One of the most irritating is voice glitch when your playing classic game, Scrims, tournament and you had to face this problem this is irritating, Simply you can create your channel and add your friend and go for a call, If your live on youtube, twitch, DailyMotion and your are playing PUBG Mobile with your fans, and you created room, you can talk to everyone who is your voice channels and those who have access to join your voice channel.

What is Nitro In Discord

If users have their own discord server and want to improve, Nitro is best for this, you can add custom stickers, send high-resolution images, videos and file, face cam and it will improve users personal profile animated avatar and custom tags, giving you better control over how you represent yourself to other users.

Officials Management of PUBG Mobile

Esport is progressing Day by day and managing tons of tournaments annually it’s hard to manage all tournaments, but instead of using other apps or web they were using discord server and managing all the tournaments easily, they have different servers of different countries and they have different management of different servers.

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