Champions of PMNC Pakistan

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Team CLxBABLU Secured First Position in PMNC With the Prize pool of 10,000$ . They Secured 270 Total Points with 118 Kills Points and 5 Chicken Dinners in 24 Matches. IGL of Team CLxBablu said I havet face this kind a competition in Pakistan Level Tournaments

Top Fraggers of Team Bablu

CLxBablu 420 boy is one the vital player of Team Bablu he secured 43 highest kills with the damage of 7953 in 24 Matches and Second best fragger of Team Bablu CLxBablu Zibyan secured 31 Frags in 24 Matches with the damage of 5874. They proved Themselves one of the best players and best fraggers for Team Bablu.

Overall Top Fraggers

Zexi8 CRYPTO is one of the best aggressive player in all over Pakistan he is famous for securing highest kills in every tournaments. Zexi8 CRYPTO Secured first position in overall kills leaderboard, He Secured 48 Frags with highest damage of 9425 and second second best and aggressive player and dominate kill leaderboard with 47 frags with damage of 7729 with 18:37 Mint average survival his name is ZExi8 Johnny

Team ZEx i8 Esport

ZExi8 Esport is one the most favourite and aggressive team in Pakistan. They have not qualified for PMPL S4. IN PMNC they secured second (2nd ) with 2 Chicken Dinners With 108 Place PTS and 148 frags Total points 256. The competition Between team Bablu and team i8 Esport very touch its is because After last Sanhok map they point were but in last match team Bablu Dominate in last Match and they secured 4th Position in Last Erangle Map.

Reviews About Team QWERTY

Team QWERTY Esports secured third position and overall leaderboard. They secured 3 Chicken Dinners with 108 Place PTS and 124 Kills and total points 249.There are many rumors That’s seem to be true they are hacking in official tournaments. One of the main player of team QWERTY named WOLVERIE using hack in official tournament but they have not caught by management because management have not found any kinda 3rd party app/ hack during overall the tournament from these players.
But those players who were following PMNC tournaments from the start knew WOLVORIE was using a hack and they are not that good at retaining 3rd spot in PMNC Finals.

Reviews About XGeneration

Being an underdog team and playing like team XGeneration is a dream for many underdogs because they secured 4th position with 139 Place PTS and 79 Frags and 218 Total points with 3 Chicken Dinners.

Name of 16 Teams Who Compete Against Each Other

  • Team Bablu
  • ZExi8 Esport
  • QWERTY Esport
  • XGeneration
  • Quantum Esport
  • Maxd Esport
  • PES Esport
  • UNPredictable Esport
  • NES Esport
  • FS Esport
  • DS Esport
  • Envy Esport
  • NFPxSky Esport
  • Star Esport
  • TMW Esport
  • LS Esport

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