What you need to know about Google Glass

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Google Glass is a new innovation in the world of computing and how our lives will be effected by this new gadget brought by the tech giant Google. I wanted to give an overview of what to expect from Google Glass

Main aim of Google Glass is to bring users from the technology of smart phones, tablets, and notepads to a touch free, hands free technology. As you can see its Android built glasses with a small display screen on your head displaying information on your right eye. The voice command is similar to Siri in Apple. There is a camera mounted in the front side of the glasses with is a 720p. You can make videos or take pictures from that camera and I can hope that the camera quality will increase as the device becomes popular.

Google are expected to launch the Glass in five different colors being gray, range, black, white and light blue. The amazing part of Google is that they might be launching Google Glass with prescription glass for all those of us who wear spectacles. It will be linked up with a WiFi device which is built it and can be connected to IPhone or Android.

For those who want to rush to the store and buy a Google Glass well, bad news it won’t be coming out till the end of 2013 and Google is handing out developer models for $1,500 which is an insane price for consumer product. Google will be working to reduce the price to be reasonable one otherwise people will not come near it. If its high and expensive then people would rather be happy to put a smart phone on their heads and walk around crazy. There is a plus side to it as well for those of you who are crazy and do not have the patience to wait till the end of 2013 to use Google Glass you can just send a request to test the device on Google+ by using the tags like #ifihadglass but do hurry there are a lot of requests in their pocket and you can be left out in this as well.

Google glass has taken a step towards the future where all you need for computing is just a pair of glasses. I must say it might be the future where glass computing is a normal way of life. At this stage it still has to go a long way before majority of people of this planet adopt this new technology. One thing is for sure that from a distance it looks like Google Glass has the potential to change the whole mobile and computing industry of the world as mobile industry changed the PC industry in the last decade. For people who are still sceptical about this should keep in mind not few years ago smart phones, touch screen, automatic driving cars sounded something from Hollywood sci-fi movies but it is a reality now.

The main point of this is that we should brace ourselves for the new innovation thrown at us from all the tech giants of the world and how it will impact our daily life. All these innovations will force us to rethink the way we spend our life and change the world for good. I am very excited about the future and I’m keeping my fingers crossed to see what new amazing gadgets these giants will bring to the world.

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