10 Best Web Development Blogs of 2017

10 Best Web Development Blogs of 2017

Web developer needs a platform where he can share the daily changes in the coding. Creating software is not an easy task, it needs lots of customization and understanding of the topic. Once you are done with your web development tactics there is still much to do. The more you create, the more you will learn with great understandings. You must focus on 12 best web development blogs before starting web development work. These tutorials are so important for the latest trends in the field of web development.

Please list down all the latest web development blogs of 2017 and share with your friends online!

01: Speck boy

It is the design magazine and not only focuses on design resources but also the insight technology of creating websites. For front end development, blog is the source of staying up-to-date with the time.

02: DailyJS

DailyJS is the blog platform when it comes to make good JavaScript for creating framework. It publishes latest IT news, trends, latest articles and much more.

03: David walsh

If you are expert in the field of software development and looking for latest queries about the JavaScript, MySQL and other programming languages, then this platform is much better for you.

04: OnextraPixel

It is more obvious and better web development blog which provides the really useful articles in the development fields. You can also get latest HTML 5 tips and tricks.

05: Stoyan’s

It is a great blog that mention the personal stuff sharing by the engineer of Facebook. It is one of the best places to deal with new kinds of articles, frameworks and tools.

06: Coding horror

You will get lots of latest tips and tricks about the software engineering. Many experienced persons will be able to share their experiences with true understandings.

07: Six revisions

It is better for the beginners and actually learn what can be useful article for understanding latest trends of web developers and web designers. Articles are published on daily basis ever 2-4 days. It has huge development for the web developers and the web designers.

08: Alex sexton

The alex sexton covers the huge variety of JavaScript related topics in every field for the understanding. There are many new tools which you can deliver and share also your experience with most of the people there.


This website contains publishing articles, videos and latest angularJS tutorial and lot more. It is definitely a place where you can develop a new business and sell you tutorials on affordable prices.

10: Paul Irish

Paul is well known for creating latest tools that improve the workflows and help to make new developers. He is currently working on chrome dev tools at google and regularly publishes the web development related topics.

The more you create, the more you will learn with great understandings. You must focus on 12 best web development blogs before starting web development work. Make sure to download all the software and follow instructions described on the tutorial based website.

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